E Z Throw Cast Nets



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Quotes Felt a bit silly chucking my EZ for a while there, but after having it for about a year now and having just about everyone I fish with wanting one, I've decided that I'm sold. I'm about as uncoordinated as you can get and I can get a good spread every cast... even fell out of the punt one day while I was casting and found that the net had spread after i'd gone 'splash'. A brilliant product and a must have for anyone casting for prawns -- the drawstring design is soooooooo easy and quick! Quotes
Lee Brake
Editor of Fish and Boat Magazine and freelance fishing writer

Quotes Just bought the ez throw cast net at the Gold Coast marina expo. Must say im very pleased with it, a great product. Quotes

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Quotes Purchased my 10 ft net in Broome and like others have mastered it after two throws . The wife reckons an 8 ft would be just right for her Quotes
lee raissis

Quotes The Rat's 'Go To' Awards ------- The Award was split between the Ezi Throw Cast net and the Lure Mate. The EZ Throw Cast Net is just so easy to throw. The feedback I have had from people who have seen it or used it has been borderline excessive. Honestly for a few weeks there were more people ringing wanting to know where they get EZ Throws than for anything else! Ring Nashy's in Mackay - he has them, so please ring him not me! Quotes
NQ Fish & Boat Magazine - 2011
Signed 'The Rat'